Who the hell is this guy and why is he posting?

Yeah, I'm interested in that Netflix gig. Writing is in my blood, and it's been a while since I got any steady paying jobs - so I will review anything money.


For the record, what you see is what you get. I made the decision long ago not to hide myself on the internet - if I'm going to say something, I'm going to damn well take credit for it, and if someone is going to claim I said something, I want to be able to show exactly what was and was not me.

I'm a lifelong geek, too. I learned to talk watching reruns of the Incredible Hulk and Night Rider, I took my first steps on a NES Power Pad, Archie's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taught me to read and Star Trek: The Next Generation taught me to think. (Disclaimer: None of the immediately preceding statements in this paragraph are factually accurate and should be taken metaphorically only. Factual statements will now resume.) My DVD collection ranges from the obscure to the incomprehensible to the sublime, and yes, I have Netflix.

Although I've been lurking on Gawker sites, especially io9, Kotaku and Jezebel, for a while now, I'm fairly new to posting on Kinja blogs, having started with my self-generated Secrets of SHIELD TV show commentary in October. Since then I've written about (among other things) comic book lore, public service video games and lack of female awareness in advertising - the latter story even got picked up by io9 and Jezebel.


Of course, I've been a writer a lot longer than that.

Working as a newspaper journalist for 10 years (give or take) in a small-to-medium-sized town, I had to go out of my way to find the strangest or most worldly stories. I've also been a quasi-professional reviewer, spending a few years working with PopMatters.com doing write-ups on any movies, TV shows or video games the studios would send me. And for several years now, aside from being a professional teacher, I've freelanced with Marvel Comics. Not as glamorous as it sounds, but it's a blast to do - plus I used to get monthly checks with Spider-Man stamped on them! (Sadly, Marvel jobs have become fewer and farther between, and they've stopped using Spidey stamps.)


In the highly likely event that this gig does not pan out for me, I will continue posting on Kinja and the Gawker sites - it's a fun forum.

Hmmm... you know, personal introductions can be fun now and again. I wonder who the hell some of these other posters are...

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