There are so many geeky things going on right now, it’s all a self-respecting quasi-journalist can do to play catch-up!

The latest SHIELD post is up, as is the one before it (which I don’t believe I shared on Kinja officially).

Also, while I was working on something (I dunno what yet) for Daredevil Season 2, I’ve only had time to watch three episodes so far. But, a friend and fellow Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe writer (in fact, the guy that got me the job with Marvel!) did his own Daredevil breakdown even more detailed than what I usually do, and offered to post it on my site:


Plus, I’ve been working on other things, like several posts about upcoming and works-in-progress indie video games. Check some of ‘em out! I’ve got another indie game post that should be ready this weekend.

And I’m even trying to include some humor - very slight though.

This is based on the actual cover of Captain Marvel #3:


This is meant as an equal-opportunity offender:

Not to mention a webcomic series a friend of mine is making about a transman speedster slacker superhero:


Working on more, in fact I have something coming up that is a really big deal for anyone who watched PBS in the mid 1980s to learn how to draw.... it’s a Secret...

(Secret City)

And finally, I’m trying to do what I can to make the site more user-friendly and increase my social media presence. Over the past two weeks I’ve been talking to people in the entertainment, journalism, and social media fields for advice on that - please offer any suggestions, comments or concerns. I am not offended by constructive criticism!