Am I the only one weireded out that Link’s newest sidekick is Link? All this had me thinking, who are the strangest sidekicks to grace a Legend of Zelda?

Link’s had no shortage of partners over his many lives, but the ever-changing face of Hyrule has ensured that many have been downright odd.

Moosh is an overweight, banana-loving, flying, blue bear. That’s really all that needs said about this Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons mount, and honestly, why isn’t he in every game?


Ezlo, the eponymous Minish Cap, is the same hat Link has always worn, but with a talking bird that used to be a mouse-sized wizard. What?!


Dodongos are fire-breathing, bomb-eating, dinosaurs (or lizards?) that live in the mountains. So naturally, Dimitri the Dodongo (from the Oracle games) is a water-breathing pacifist scared of small kids. Makes perfect sense.

Tingle. What the hell is up with Tingle.

Is it just me, or is the King of Red Lions weird? I mean, you’re basically riding around inside Zelda’s grandpa. As a laughing wooden boat.


Rikki still wins my vote for the weirdest partner (and yet another one from the Oracle games). I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a cartoon kangaroo that carries people around in a pouch while punching monsters with boxing gloves, but the character doesn’t fit the aesthetic of most Zelda games. I can make exceptions for characters like the naked hippo, but at least she doesn’t follow Link around for the entire game (plus, she mainly existed in the dream world, so whatever).

So, what’s the weirdest Link companion in your book?

(You know you clicked the link to see the naked hippo. Perv.)

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