It’s never too early to start thinking about next season! Nor too late to look back on what’s already happened!

So I’ve finally written up the essential stuff about the Agent Carter season finale, but rather than do a regular re-cap, I included everything that could (or should) appear next season - if there is a next season.


Hey, when you guys get the chance, please check out the rest of my site too - a lot of people on the Observation Deck asked me to get on social media, so Monomythic is now on Facebook and on Twitter.


For example, I recently interviewed the creator of that uncanny Dazzler/Lila Cheney/New Mutants music video.

Also, there’s a very personal story about a homeless veteran who I considered a friend years ago.


And the site debuted a new webcomic by a friend of mine featuring a transgender speedster named Breakneck.


If anything sparks your fancy, please share and enjoy. I’m trying my darndest to get the word out so I can do this kind of stuff more often.