A few years ago I tried to hold a Kickstarter campaign - I failed miserably. Now I'm wondering, should I jump back in? And, if so, how?

Here's the deal, every time my wife and I travel we try to take a different route, just to see if we can find something interesting. Even if it means going hundreds of miles out of the way to a state we had no need to visit, we would go just to try it. Sometimes with a specific goal in mind, other times not so much.

And I figured - why not turn this into a project? After all, I had been a newspaper reporter for (give or take) a decade, and I reveled in little-known aspects of local history (even if it was local to someone else), and I loved finding interesting individuals with unique stories to tell. So I figured, why not turn this into a project?

Maybe stories like these could fill up a book, "local" tales from a dozen different small towns and big cities, with photos, regional history and personal anecdotes filling up the bulk of the project.


I attempted a Kickstarter campaign and, to be blunt, it sucked. It was unclear, uninteresting, and worst of all (in my mind) it appeared self-serving. What I saw as a project about other people really seemed like a project about me. Bah. Believe it or not, I hate talking about me (and yes, I realize the irony in that this is exactly what I'm posting now).

Part of the problem, it seemed to me at least, was that so many people who did tell me they liked the idea, told me so in person. A lot of people who "liked" it on my Facebook page, or even shared it, were scared of putting money into something online (not everyone is as net-savvy as one might think). Some even suggested I try a different crowdfunding outlet, maybe one that lets you keep whatever is donated even if you don't meet your goal, but that seemed wrong to me as, without the necessary funding, the project couldn't really get off the ground.


So, with another Southwest-bound trip coming up this summer, what if I try a Kickstarter (or similar campaign) again? How should I do it? What should I try? Or maybe this really is self-serving and I should give up the whole scheme.

Hell, maybe I should just take random pictures of toys again and call it a day.