Is it okay to nitpick Smash Bros. yet?

Don't get me wrong, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U are some of my favorite games for those respective systems, but is it okay to nitpick minor announces yet?

I've been a Smasher (a Brother? Is there a term that can be used here?) since the original title, and I love the new iterations, it's just, well, there are some things that drive me nuts. Minor things, but still.


In no particular order:

  • There's no "restart" option in the pause menu.
  • For that matter, why have L and R take pictures when ZR and ZL are needed to cancel a match - these are opposing needs, dang it.
  • And on that topic, why is photo-taking automatic? It asks if I like a photo, but it doesn't let me cancel an accidental photo before saving it.
  • It's unclear which fighters have cleared Classic or All-Star mode on the 3DS.
  • Unlocking characters was part of the fun on previous versions, but on the Wii U only a few characters remain to be unlocked (and unlocking them is a bit too easy).
  • Master Core is such an undertaking that sometimes it would be nice to play through Classic mode on a decent difficulty without automatically fighting him (it?).
  • I actually liked Smash Run on 3DS. There should be a similar game option on the Wii U (and no, Smash Tour is not that much fun).
  • Stage Builder is great, but why are there only a few items available (as opposed to the numerous choices in Brawl)?
  • For that matter, couldn't they have included a snappable grid to aid in stage design? It's like they never heard of AutoCAD. NilesFloyd says it does exist!
  • Players can design massive levels, so why can't they be used in 8-Player Smash?
  • While we're at it, big levels make sense for an 8 player game, but Palutena's Temple and The Great Cave Offensive? Yeesh. Can't even find myself on that map.
  • Or, heck, if you are going to have stages that big, why not allow 3DS or Wii U pad players to see their characters up close?
  • The greatest Smash Bros. stage hasn't been brought back yet.
  • The menu.
  • Why aren't Mii costumes universal? I want my sword-swinging, vampire-killing Lincoln to wear a suit, but only the gunner Mii can wear a suit. Lincoln with a cyborg arm isn't as cool as I'd've thought.
  • The Ice Climbers are missing.

Well, those're my gripes - still love the game - you guys have any nits to pick?

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