Everything You Wanted To Know about Marvel's Slingshot, But Were Afraid To Ask

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Who is Slingshot? What’s here deal with SHIELD? What was that glowing thing the bad guy had? Answers!


Hey gang! I’ve been quiet lately as I’ve been a bit busy, but I did update my site with info on Marvel’s Slingshot!


Not sure how I feel about getting a short web series instead of the Agent Carter mini-series or the old Marvel One-Shots, but something is better than nothing. And man, did this series have some call backs.


Do you remember this thing from the second episode of Agents of SHIELD ever? Apparently Marvel’s prop masters do!

As a side note, they have a character who was Puerto Rican in the comics being Colombian here, but she knew a lot of people in Florida, where the population of Cubans or Puerto Ricans is 15 times the size of any Colombian population. And that device up there was in an episode about an Incan temple set in Peru, but featured Mayan temples from Central America.


I ... I don’t know where I’m going with this train of thought... but it disturbs me for some reason.

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