When does this fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Where do they get those wonderful toys? Who was that dude? Let’s find out. (SPOILERS!)

The secrets of the new Doctor Strange movie are up at Monomythic.com, so feel free to check ‘em out! Here’s a few bits worth discussing:

Right before the car crash that destroys his hands, Strange goes over possible future cases, and one that doesn’t interest him involves an air force colonel with a crushed spine in experimental armor. This is our best hint at when this film takes place. The most obvious candidate is Lt. Col. James Rhodes, but his spine wasn’t “crushed” so much as impacted by the fall, and his War Machine armor has already gone through several upgrades, so it’s hardly “experimental.” Our second candidate is the test pilot for Hammer Industries’ experimental battle armor, whose spine was severed by malfunctioning equipment before the events of Iron Man 2. Although the incident seemed fatal, Hammer assured witnesses that the pilot survived. If that is the case, then the start of this movie takes place between the first two Iron Man films, and since Wong later describes the Avengers as protecting the world the end of this movie would take place at least after the first Avengers film, which would make Sitwell’s comment about Hydra monitoring Stephen Strange make sense (even though producers suggested it might have just been a coincidence), and allow for the mid-credits scene, which features a slightly more experienced Doctor Strange, to take place at any point after Avengers: The Age of Ultron. That would mean it’s been six or seven years since Strange’s car accident.


Also, it’s interesting that the Wand of Watomb was recognizable instantly if you know what it’s comic book counterpart looked like, but none of Strange’s other really distinctive relics looked like the ones he uses in the comics. Maybe the Eye of Agamotto containing the Time Gem is actually the Lesser Eye of Agamotto, and he’ll get the Greater Eye of Agamotto (his most well-known amulet) later?

Oh and I know I’m a bit behind with my Agents of SHIELD recaps. I’ve been busy with some freelance work which I’d love you guys to check out. Most recently, that included a list of the most depressing Marvel Comics stories ever. (Yay?)