SHIELD has ended for the season. Long live SHIELD. (SPOILERS for Agents of SHIELD. ‘Natch.)

I just posted my everything-I-could-throw-at-the-wall post on the two-part season finale of Agents of SHIELD season three, and (if you haven’t seen it) my similar post for the preceding episode.

Can we just all agree that season four will be about SHIELD vs. plethora of androids? And, as much as some people felt the Inhumans were overplayed, I am okay with tons of robot doubles next season. Plus, and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, I hope they bring back Grant Ward - and robot Grant Ward would be a great way to go!


Something tells me, just as we’ll have to wait till after Doctor Strange comes out to see real magic in the MCU, they probably waited till Vision was a part of the Avengers to really introduce LMDs.