The Horrible Sounds of Lurking

In theory, echolocation is a beautiful way to experience the world. In practice, there is something unnerving about only knowing what is immediately around you, and only if you make a sound. Therein lies Lurking, one of many indie games on display at the SXSW Gaming Expo in Austin. »3/14/15 11:00am3/14/15 11:00am

Multiplayer is More Fun When Your Friends Act Like Idiots Together

There's a free video game expo in Austin and you aren't there - but dozens of game developers are showing off their wares. Of particular interest: offline multiplayer games. Why plug into the net when friends can game from the same couch? »3/14/15 1:58am3/14/15 1:58am

Gods and Monsters Hide Behind Childlike Eyes in Stunning Art

Every artist has a vision, and for Winfred Hawkins, that means envisioning an entire cosmos of twisted mythologies filtered through the unbridled imagination of children. The result is grotesque and sublime. »12/18/14 11:13pm12/18/14 11:13pm

Cracked: Using Technology to Spread More than Jokes

For a site that prides itself as"America's Only Humor Site since 1958," has been tackling some intense issues lately. This weekend's "5 Things I Learned as a Sex Slave in Modern America" is speckled with some sardonic wit, but the topic - and the article - are deadly serious. It's time to give Cracked… »9/15/14 8:41am9/15/14 8:41am