Doctor Who made for fans, by fans - but what about new viewers?

The Doctor is back for the first time! But he brought a bunch of in-jokes with him. Is an overabundance of fan service a good thing for a show purportedly going in a new direction? Spoilers! » 8/24/14 2:15pm Sunday 2:15pm

​In Defense of Namor the Sub-Mariner

Marvel Studios are killing it in the box office, but their greatest hero still hasn't had a chance to stretch his ankle wings on the silver screen. Now a poor intimation is getting the Hollywood treatment, but damn it, Namor the Sub-Mariner is a bad ass and he needs a movie too. » 8/13/14 1:01pm 8/13/14 1:01pm

Guardians of the Galaxy and the Infinity Stones: Who's What Now?

The Guardians of the Galaxy have arrived – the most obscure of the Marvel movies so far – so, who exactly are they and where'd all this stuff come from? Here's a rundown of all the minutia from the film. (Spoilers, dur.) » 8/04/14 1:00am 8/04/14 1:00am

Captains America: The Many Who Carried the Shield

It's official, Sam Wilson will be the next Captain America - but he's already been Captain America, and so have a bunch of other people! Steve Rogers has long said that the tradition of Captain America should continue without him, and a lot of brave Americans (and others!) have taken up the shield! » 7/17/14 1:30pm 7/17/14 1:30pm

How We Gamed: Playing Impossble Games Before the Internet

Whenever I talk about my somewhat apocryphal love for Zelda II the same comments come up again and again: "it was hard as balls," "just brutally difficult," "you never know what the hell you're supposed to do." The thing is: Games were supposed to be hard - your job was to figure them out. » 7/11/14 8:56pm 7/11/14 8:56pm

Google controls your emotions - but in a non-evil way?

With all of the (negative) attention Facebook's been receiving for it's totally-legal-because-you-clicked-accept-no-really-read-the-agreement study on manipulating the emotions of its users, is it at all surprising that Google does the same thing every day? » 7/11/14 12:14pm 7/11/14 12:14pm

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Guardians of the Galaxy: Panic Worthy?

Going through my Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy files (because everyone should have such files) I found myself re-watching the amazing 2005 trailer, and it dawned on me: They described the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers perfectly. Should we be worried? » 7/09/14 7:00am 7/09/14 7:00am

Weaving Some Flash Fiction

I don't often get involved in these flash fiction Concept Art Writing Projects, but I figured what the heck. Here's my short story, written with no preparation and while I'm in the middle of writing something else. » 7/03/14 11:09pm 7/03/14 11:09pm

Just who are Big Hero 6 anyway?

While a lot of Disney films receive a ton of promotion leading up to release, there has been relatively little info about Big Hero 6. Who are these strange-looking heroes and what's their deal? Here's your primer on Marvel's American-made Japanese heroes turned into American cartoon stars. » 6/30/14 7:30pm 6/30/14 7:30pm

Why Zelda II is the Greatest Legend of Zelda Game Ever

Whenever people ask about "favorite games," one thought always enters my mind: Zelda II is still the greatest Zelda game. Yeah, you heard me. The most maligned game in the illustrious Zelda franchise is my favorite. If you don't like it, go bomb some dodongos. » 6/29/14 11:24am 6/29/14 11:24am

Pundits debate Power Girl's boob window

Writer Hannah Doerge and artist Per Darwin Berg use Real Time with Bill Maher to get into some meta-commentary about Power Girl's infamous fashion choices - would TV pundits care more about superhero clothing than battles? Probably. » 6/28/14 3:37pm 6/28/14 3:37pm

The Texas Bandsaw Murders of 1974

Back in 2003, when one of the many Texas Chainsaw Massacre do-overs was coming out, I was working as a local newspaper reporter and figured, what the hell, let's see the veracity of this "based on a true story" stuff. I was surprised to find out how much stranger than fiction the truth actually was. » 6/27/14 6:37pm 6/27/14 6:37pm