Hey Sweetie: Secrets of SHIELD episode "The Frenemy of my Enemy"

Seeds are being sown for Avengers: Age of Ultron, superhumans are coming out of the woodwork and threads are coming together as this week’s Agents of SHIELD forces archenemies to work together against close friends! » 4/22/15 6:00am Wednesday 6:00am

The Greatest Next Issue Preview Ever

If you aren’t reading Squirrel Girl then - well, then you aren’t reading Squirrel Girl - but whatever, the comic is stupid fun. And the next issue is set to have the biggest brawl in comic book history: Squirrel Girl v. Galactus: The Nut of Justice! » 4/20/15 11:35pm 4/20/15 11:35pm

I Need Your Pain: Secrets of SHIELD episode "Melinda"

Agents of SHIELD viewers finally learn the whole story behind Melinda May's "Cavalry" title, Skye finally meets her parents, and Raina may have gained her favorite superpower! But how, if at all, does this tie to the comics? » 4/15/15 6:00am 4/15/15 6:00am

The Tiger's Been Loose: Secrets of SHIELD episode "Afterlife"

Coulson is on the run, but what classic Marvel superhero could join him, and for that matter who are those Inhumans hanging around? All this and more in this week's Agents of SHIELD breakdown! » 4/08/15 6:00am 4/08/15 6:00am

The day SHIELD fell: Secrets of SHIELD episode "One Door Closes"

All of Coulson's hard work comes crashing down around him as the SHIELD vs. SHIELD war begins. Viewers finally learn how the "real SHIELD" got started, and get a hint about why that aircraft carrier is so important! » 4/01/15 5:00am 4/01/15 5:00am

That Damn Mask: Secrets of SHIELD episode "Love in the Time of Hydra"

The Agents of SHIELD get ready to battle the Agents of SHIELD as series turncoat Grant Ward and the evil May make a return - plus this episode confirms the existence of a super obscure Marvel character! WARNING: Neither Hydra nor love appear in this episode! » 3/25/15 5:00am 3/25/15 5:00am

Messy and Surprising: Secrets of SHIELD episode "One of Us"

Mr. Hyde is back to torment the Agents of SHIELD in the latest episode, and he's brought some obscure Marvel characters along with him. Plus, what agency does Mockingbird work for, and what are those Inhumans up to? » 3/18/15 5:00am 3/18/15 5:00am

​Truncheon Duty: Secrets of SHIELD episode "Who You Really Are"

The agents continue to deal with the growing Inhuman threat, especially now that Thor's friend Sif and a Kree alien are on the hunt as well. New info and hints of a greater space war were dropped in this episode of Agents of SHIELD! » 3/15/15 5:54pm 3/15/15 5:54pm

The Horrible Sounds of Lurking

In theory, echolocation is a beautiful way to experience the world. In practice, there is something unnerving about only knowing what is immediately around you, and only if you make a sound. Therein lies Lurking, one of many indie games on display at the SXSW Gaming Expo in Austin. » 3/14/15 11:00am 3/14/15 11:00am

Multiplayer is More Fun When Your Friends Act Like Idiots Together

There's a free video game expo in Austin and you aren't there - but dozens of game developers are showing off their wares. Of particular interest: offline multiplayer games. Why plug into the net when friends can game from the same couch? » 3/14/15 1:58am 3/14/15 1:58am

I Will Crush Them: Secrets of SHIELD episode "Aftershocks"

The Agents of SHIELD are back with a vengeance! The team ruthlessly demolishes its opposition while the Inhumans continue to evolve - especially the eyeless man and the Girl in the Flower Dress! » 3/04/15 5:00am 3/04/15 5:00am

​Devil Take Me: Secrets of Agent Carter episode "SNAFU"

One of Captain America's worst enemies makes his presence official as he torments Peggy's teammates in the penultimate Agent Carter episode, but what is Item 17, and what the heck is a "SNAFU"?! » 2/18/15 4:24am 2/18/15 4:24am